The project theatre is inserted in the project European Scout that proposes him to develop:

Have we noticed our children when they play to the game of the roles? (technically Role-playing).

When they personify his/her mother or his/her dad?

They, plays today after all: they play to make Juliet and Romeo … to interpret some roles.

This means, a little to give meaning to their games … such meaning becomes, for once, theatre.

This activity:

Through I use him/it of competencies:

The initiated run in October has had a phase-initiated propedeutica with: who would like to be? and continued with games, pantomimes, proposed … you made then show little by little with laboratories and seminars, going out of the hands of a director that he has also been scriptwriter, but also, as our children have defined him in their reflections: stimulus, spark, provocative of situations … or … comic, indecent, cunning, good, the best, has the hair as a monk as a non cultivated field, it is happy as a cricket, nice, severe as my dog, serious electrified.

The show is very spoken we invite you therefore "to listen with patient ears, we will strive there to make up for to our defects" as Shakespeare says.

This way travel between reality and imagination … because … the lies all know how to tell her … but the pretense is an art!